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We are engaged in offering a range of products that includes piercing punches, ejector pins, ball cage, etc. that are composed of high grade alloys and metals that mainly consists of steel, iron, ferrous and non ferrous materials. These products are developed in functional and accurate manner with precision. Known for their features like non-corrosiveness, high tensile strength, diverse tolerances and tempers, the products conform to international standards and specifications. With adequate designing and fabricating facilities, the products can be made according to the standard drawings and specifications.

The main features of these products include the following:


  • Low maintenance
  • High degree of performance
  • Sturdiness and durability
  • Highly efficient
  • Corrosion resistant and abrasion resistant
  • Longer functional life
  • High tensile strength
  • Available in both ferrous and non ferrous metals

Piercing Punches

Double Step PunchGet Quotation

Double Step Punch

Carbide PunchesGet Quotation

Carbide Punches

Hole PunchesGet Quotation

Hole Punches

Piercing PunchesGet Quotation

Piercing Punches

HSS Piercing PunchesGet Quotation

HSS Piercing Punches

Hollow PunchesGet Quotation

Hollow Punches

Ejector Pins

Air Ejector PinsGet Quotation

Air Ejector Pins

Ejector PinsGet Quotation

Ejector Pins

Mould Ejector PinGet Quotation

Mould Ejector Pin

Plain Ejector PinGet Quotation

Plain Ejector Pin

Step Ejector PinsGet Quotation

Step Ejector Pins

Square Ejector PinsGet Quotation

Square Ejector Pins

Ball Cage

Aluminum Ball CageGet Quotation

Aluminum Ball Cage

Brass Ball CageGet Quotation

Brass Ball Cage

Ball CagesGet Quotation

Ball Cages

Bearing CagesGet Quotation

Bearing Cages

Type A Ejector PinsGet Quotation

Type A Ejector Pins

PU Rods

PU RodsGet Quotation

PU Rods

Polyurethane RodGet Quotation

Polyurethane Rod

Polyurethane SheetsGet Quotation

Polyurethane Sheets

Square PU RodsGet Quotation

Square PU Rods

Mould Parting LockGet Quotation

Mould Parting Lock

Metal Couplings

Clutch CouplingsGet Quotation

Clutch Couplings

Bellow CouplingsGet Quotation

Bellow Couplings

Brass CouplingsGet Quotation

Brass Couplings

Air CouplingsGet Quotation

Air Couplings

Polyurethane Elastomers

Spring Plunger

Oilless BushGet Quotation

Oilless Bush

Spring PlungerGet Quotation

Spring Plunger

Ball PlungerGet Quotation

Ball Plunger

Die Spring

Die SpringGet Quotation

Die Spring

Metal SpringsGet Quotation

Metal Springs

Industrial SpringsGet Quotation

Industrial Springs

Compression SpringsGet Quotation

Compression Springs

Parting Lock

Parting LockGet Quotation

Parting Lock

Parting LocksGet Quotation

Parting Locks

HSS Cutting Tools

HSS Cutting ToolsGet Quotation

HSS Cutting Tools

Pin Punch

Pin PunchGet Quotation

Pin Punch

Tunnel Gate InsertsGet Quotation

Tunnel Gate Inserts

Dowel PinsGet Quotation

Dowel Pins

Pin PunchesGet Quotation

Pin Punches

Pin PunchesGet Quotation

Pin Punches

Locating Rings

Locating RingsGet Quotation

Locating Rings

Spring Dowel Pin

Spring Dowel PinGet Quotation

Spring Dowel Pin

Insert Mold PartsGet Quotation

Insert Mold Parts

Sprue Bush

Sprue BushGet Quotation

Sprue Bush

Double Ejection PinGet Quotation

Double Ejection Pin

Plastic BellowsGet Quotation

Plastic Bellows

Industrial punches

Metal PunchesGet Quotation

Metal Punches

Step PunchGet Quotation

Step Punch

Moulds LatchesGet Quotation

Moulds Latches

HSS Block PunchGet Quotation

HSS Block Punch

Plate AcceleratorGet Quotation

Plate Accelerator

Disc Washer

Disc WasherGet Quotation

Disc Washer

Rubber Bushes

Die BushesGet Quotation

Die Bushes

Runner BushesGet Quotation

Runner Bushes

Dowel RingsGet Quotation

Dowel Rings

Mould Base Sets

Oilless Guide RailsGet Quotation

Oilless Guide Rails

Slide RetainerGet Quotation

Slide Retainer

Ring Dowel

Ring DowelGet Quotation

Ring Dowel

Guide Pin

Guide PinGet Quotation

Guide Pin

Guide PinsGet Quotation

Guide Pins

Mould Alignment Products

Oil less BushGet Quotation

Oil less Bush

Oilless PlatesGet Quotation

Oilless Plates

Square Block SetGet Quotation

Square Block Set

Cooling BafflesGet Quotation

Cooling Baffles

HSS Punches

Special PunchesGet Quotation

Special Punches

HSS Tool BitsGet Quotation

HSS Tool Bits

Guide BushingsGet Quotation

Guide Bushings

Pilot PunchesGet Quotation

Pilot Punches

Double Step PunchesGet Quotation

Double Step Punches


A Type LatchesGet Quotation

A Type Latches

Modular RetainerGet Quotation

Modular Retainer

Air Vents

Air VentsGet Quotation

Air Vents

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